Anna Linberger

I was born in Russia, 1986 and now based in Strausberg, Germany
I am an Illustrator, artist and founder of a brand ball-jointed-dolls Gentle Creations.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I've been always interested in the combination of incompatible, figurative and abstract, classical and modern. Contrasts make see the versatility of things brighter. Nothing is unequivocal, this is what I try to show in my works. 


I've always been attracted to ornate patterns, maps, classical art of old masters and the freedom of abstract art. I don’t choose what inspires me, I combine it - this is how my paintings are born. 


In my works I want to show a feminine view of things, the topic of gender is very interesting and important for me, and I will explore it not only in the motives of my work but also through the technique that I use. Embroidery was always considered a classic female art, or rather, needlework, which has always been underestimated in the world of contemporary art, although this is the same method of creating a work that is not inferior to painting or sculpture. And this technique found me after years of searching for myself and my style, but it was worth everything just listen to your inner desires and accept yourself and your self-identification as a female artist.


When I create my work, I immerse myself in the details, in the process, I am interested in the root causes of the events of my life and the life of society in the modern world. 

It’s impossible to understand my work without a sense of humor, I exaggerate while creating. And at the same time, there is a huge contrast to reality. If you look at my works without irony, you'll not comprehend the meanings of my pictures, but it is through I am closest to manifest really exciting topics that concern me.

Artist CV


2013 - School of Fine Arts and Design, Berlin
Graduation: Illustrator
2009 - BEST-Sabel Art school for design, Berlin

Selected Exhibitions: 

2014 - Max-Oscar-Arnold-Kunstpreis в Neustadt b.Coburg 2014
2013 - Max-Oscar-Arnold-Kunstpreis в Neustadt b.Coburg 2013
2013 -  SOLO SHOW, Galerie Vinogradov, Berlin
2012 - Max-Oscar-Arnold-Kunstpreis в Neustadt b.Coburg 2012
2009 - XII International exhibition of dolls in Central House of Painter, Moskau